How To Get Free Makeup Samples

Get Free Make Up Samples, NICOLE MAE AVON


Why is it so hard to find free make up samples?

I’ll tell you why. It takes time to ship free samples when it’s coming from an independent dealer. Avon beauty reps who don’t have an assistant want to know that you’re interested in buying the best Avon products before they give out free makeup samples.

How to get free makeup samples

As my Avon online store has gained more popularity, the demand for free makeup samples has increased. Ladies, thank you. In order to continue receiving your free Avon makeup samples , please answer my secret beauty question.

When to expect your free makeup samples?

(Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your free makeup samples.)

The worst feeling is buying a lipstick only to get it home and the color swatch on your hand is nothing like the way it looks on your lips. This is the reason why Avon lipsticks samples are my favorite to send. Get free makeup samples by answering the secret beauty question above. If you decide to become an AVON Rep to receive discounts on Avon orders, that’s how I started selling Avon. You can also put orders in for your friends when you place your own order. The advantages of selling AVON  are endless! Fill out the form below to receive your complimentary AVON samples.