Who knew ANEW?


avon-campaign-20-2015-brochure-onlineWho knew an AVON product could outlast, and outshine any other age rewinding product on the market. I didn’t have a clue until I became an AVON rep and started using it for myself.

I encourage you to check out the reviews of ANEW products on my estore though. The Pick of the MONTH goes to ANEW CLINICAL ADVANCED WRINKLE CORRECTOR  based on the results and reviews I’ve gotten from customers across the country. Although all of the AVON ANEW line of cleansers, hydration creams, and age spot corrector’s are invaluable.

Give your skin a regimen boost with ANEW  game changing cleansers and treatments.

The ANEW Pick of the Month Goes To: prod_1048660_xl (1).jpgANEW CLINICAL ADVANCED WRINKLE CORRECTOR

This product has been a personal favorite as well as a customer fave. It really shows a difference in your skin’s appearance after just a few days of use.

Ever had to decide between removing wrinkles or plumping your skin? Get the best of both worlds with Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector. 4D Wrinkle-Reverse Technology visibly improves skin’s appearance and life by increasing elasticity. Get skin’s youthful fullness with this facial cream’s plumping formula. Results have shown improvement of fine lines and wrinkles by 28% over time.

Here are a few more  AVON  Anew products to check out.



(I personally was shipped this creme to test before it made it’s debut. I’m not only in love with the scent but the finish is silky enough that I wish I could apply it all day long.)

AVON  Scrubs & Masks 

AVON Anew Moisturizers

One of the most important things we can do with our skin is moisturize. The most noted misconception is that oily skin is “bad” skin. On the contrary, naturally oily skin ages slower, gets fewer wrinkles before 50, and is the best youth preserving serum available. Sun bathing dries the skin and removes the natural moisture from it. Drinking alcohol in excess also accelerates skin aging. Naturally, drinking alcohol dehydrates the body. When you don’t replenish the alcohol with water, your hangover is worse and your skin is not only aging faster but losing elasticity quicker as well. Try one of AVON’s moisturizers along with a few glasses of water a day to combat all of the craziness you (we) put our skin through.


5 Places To Leave Your AVON Brochure

5 Best Places To Leave Your AVON Brochure


When I started selling AVON, I read about a lot of tips for getting your brochure seen. The few tips I didn’t see anyone mention are what worked for me so I wanted to share them with you. You can walk in and leave your brochure at the following businesses and guarantee that you will gain new customers! Not to mention that AVON catalogs & brochures are absolutely beautiful. Spray yours with a perfumed spray and your customers will experience the relaxation of flipping through each and every AVON catalog.


1.) Banks and Credit Unions

Bank tellers have very strict dress codes. They MUST look presentable to the public and buying AVON products are perfect. This group of customers are usually very close. If one person wants to buy from your brochure, chances are high that his/her coworkers will want to buy AVON as well! Leave your AVON brochure here!!!  Leave 1-2 books, plenty of business cards, and some form filler sheets so that they can immediately write down their order and pass the book along. I suggest advertising that you accept paypal. In some offices, a money exchange would be discouraged. This way you can drop off their goodies and no money has to change hands.




2.) Daycares

Daycare workers are one of the hardest working in the industry. When they have down time, flipping through your AVON books will be a welcome de-stress from their hectic days. This group of customers is also very close knit. The only way you won’t achieve sales here is if someone else has already drawn their AVON lines in the sand. If one customer makes a purchase, another will definitely buy AVON  from you as well. If you have some lipstick samples….those are the best to leave for a large group of ladies.



3.) Law Offices

Here is another group of people who not only dress professionally but very often they are too busy to shop, which is where you come in!  The person you will typically drop off the brochure with will be the receptionist. If you make a good impression on him/her, it will be a lasting account for you! Smile, be warm, discreet, and quick. If you hold a conversation too long, that might discourage them from giving you a reason to come back!



4.) Strip Malls

View strip malls as an opportunity to reach a few potential customers in a short period of time. What has worked for me is to carry your AVON bag (bag with an AVON  logo) and walk from one end of the strip to another, stopping into each store to either drop off a brochure or ask if you can leave your cards on the counter. I would consider placing a free sample in each brochure bag. Each store will have at least one person who will want to take your sample home and use it!


5.) Hotels

The employee count of one hotel front desk staff is usually between 6-12 employees. If you leave 1-2 books at the front desk, in between check-ins and check-outs, they will be able to browse your magazine store. When shift changes, the next crew and management will be able to have a look. Most upper management leave by 5 PM, keep that in mind. Are you starting to think more about businesses who have down time? We’re on the same page if you are! Make sure to ask if you can leave your business cards at the desk. If they have a gift shop, check to see if they will carry a few of your sunscreen items to sell for you. The independently owned or smaller hotels, will oblige anything to satisfy their customers.


This is just a quick kick-starter for you. Although I mentioned 5 types of businesses, they can really add up to over 30 places to get AVON sales depending on where you live. This is one of the easiest places I’ve found to do what I call….walk-in, walk-out marketing. 

The one tip that most reps won’t tell you is that chances are, you may not gain any new customers the first time. You will have to leave the next brochure in the same places again at least 2 more times. Once potential reps or customers see your dedication, they will expect your drop off in excitement. New customers, new questions about discounts, and new reps will come.