AVON Customer Favorites



Top List of AVON Customer Favorites

Some products jump off the shelves with popularity. Others don’t quite jump until they’ve been tried and tested for greatness. AVON customers are very loyal and don’t mind telling the whole truth about their go-to products. Check the link to see the most popular AVON products available, their cost, and how they can benefit you. Click Here

Become an AVON Rep

Still wondering about becoming an AVON Rep? Would you like to know the biggest benefit to being an AVON rep? The very first one you should know is that your introductory kit comes with samples as well as full beauty products that are on the above list of customer favorites. My first kit included a full size. top tier Anew moisturizer, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, foot creams, body creams, shampoo, and brochures. At the time, it was only $15 to join. Today you have three kits to choose from. The least expensive kit is $25 which comes with your free website as well.

Selling AVON When You Hate Selling

The direct sales business has truly exploded. You can sell leggings and dresses nowadays! The one thing I love about AVON is that everyone knows about it. The amount of actual “selling” needed to succeed isn’t particularly difficult. People are familiar with the products they already love from AVON. The brochures are addictive. Once you start turning the pages, you won’t stop until the end. The key ingredient in succeeding with AVON is building your email database, blogging, and networking. The rest is on autopilot because AVON automatically sends emails to all of your clients. Contact me today to join. There’s no time like the present!


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