Top 10 Reasons To Bevome An Rep Today

Top 10 Reasons To Become An AVON Rep

0986811F-B7E5-4A47-986D-8F6A37C7F6C6.jpegSo you want to know more about selling AVON right? I’ve done my research and began building my Avon business immediately after I joined. In a short time, I realized I wasn’t going to leave this business anytime soon. Here are my Top 10 Reasons To become an AVON Rep!

1.) When you become an AVON Rep, Avon gives you access to clearance and/or new products at a crazy discount. I scored a sand dollar sterling necklace and matching earrings for only $3.00, lip liner for $1.50, and a box of free perfume samples.

2.) If you  already have a BLOG, it’s perfect! But you don’t need one either. Blogs don’t make money unless you have ads, a built up audience, or you’re offering a product. After you become an AVON rep, now you have something to offer on your blog! Blogging is the quickest way to grow your Avon business, or any direct sales business.

3.) You don’t have to know much about the products to sell Avon online. Avon just celebrated 130 years in the business. You will find that most customers have worn or know someone who wears Avon. As opposed to a new brand where you would have to explain your products. With Avon, give them your brochure, a great deal, and follow up. That’s the beauty in the business.

4.) There are tons of people selling Avon online. The tips on how to grow your business are endless! Sometimes I would fall asleep with 10 windows open on my laptop. All of whom were Avon reps making a great life from their business. Remember, you receive your own free website that you can easily personalize as well.

5.) You can earn money selling Avon with or without signing anyone up. There are thousands of Avon Reps who make a sizable amount of earnings with few to no reps in their down line. (Down Line: The people who sign up as reps under you.)

6.) It gives MUA’s (make-up artists) a second income. If you don’t have your own line of products to sell, selling Avon to your customers is even easier for you. Once they love the look you’ll create, selling AVON to your clients is going to be so easy. You don’t have to sell anything at all really. The proof is in the after photos!

7.) You can customize your business any way you’d like. Avon gives you the option to easily give discounts to anyone. Selling Avon online also allows you to grow your email database every time a customer places an order through your website. Avon also has an auto email campaign that sends your client list emails for you.

8.) All of the advertising is FREE after you choose your Beauty Startup Kit. This blog is free. You don’t need a custom domain (.com) in order to have a successful blog starting off. Social media pages are all free for AVON Reps! You don’t have to pay advertising costs to start selling Avon online. I can help you with that!

9.) Use your online inventory to purchase gifts year round! Avon has products for kids, Mom,Dad, family members, friends and whoever else is deserving of your product. It’s like paying yourself commission to buy what you would normally purchase anyway.

10.) You’ll feel more beautiful. This one is personal to me. Before I started selling Avon online, I was very uninspired some days to do my makeup and accessorize my outfits. Once I saw the quality in the products and found my shade matches, my makeup and look was more polished and natural. Needless to say, I can figure out where that inspiration came from.



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