Best AVON Reps And How They Are Successful

 How To Start A Make Up Business With Avon & Be Successful

The one thing we all have in common is the desire to look and feel our best. Sure, we have days where looking our best comes second to kids, work, or other responsibilities. But it always comes right back to the top of the list. Start a business selling makeup, selling quality skincare, and feel good products from a brand that you don’t have to sell very hard….why? Because it sells itself. It is truly the most inexpensive business opportunity available with the most rewards. The cheapest online business to start is AVON. 

Start an AVON business today for $25 and nothing more. You will not find any other business with a startup that low. I promise.

Read some ideas you may want to consider before making the decision to sell makeup online.

(Bloggers and Makeup Artists click here.)

Before You Decide To Start a Makeup Business

(If you answer YES to at least one of these questions, you can succeed starting a makeup business.)

Do you like blogging?

Take your blogging to a new level and start getting paid using AdWords & Adsense while writing about your favorite AVON products. If you are a crafty person who makes things, you can use your AVON to reward your customers or supply add-ons to your sales. I come from a marketing background. I design my own websites for myself and other direct sales professionals and it’s something I enjoy doing. I would love to create your website or blog and watch you soar with AVON.

Do you buy gifts year round?

It’s tough to find the right gift for those who have everything. Use AVON to create your own gift baskets. Often times AVON  Sales Reps get first dibs on popular items for more than 80% off. Lotion varieties, footwear, skin care, candles, accessories and more are always offered to Sales Reps first before customers can access the deals. They sell out quickly but when you can snag a deal, it’s the best clearance buy you will probably ever encounter.


Do you enjoy reviewing products?

Making videos about AVON products gives you a great audience for people looking to review products before buying them. YOUTUBE is the #1 platform for anyone looking to market their products. Google loves YT also, which makes it easy to soar to the top of keyword searches.

Do you spend more than $20 a month on beauty products?

AVON sales reps get first hand deals on everything AVON features. You will earn 40% off your purchases with AVON.  As your spending purchases tally upwards through the year, you become closer to expanding up the AVON leadership network. With just 5 reps under you, you become AVON’s first level leader and receive a higher discount on your purchases and sales, bonuses, and more. If you’re curious, the AVON Leadership levels are as follows: Unit Leader, Advanced Unit Leader, Executive Unit Leader & Senior Executive Unit Leader. The perks of AVON leadership are endless.

Do you have at least 3 hours per week to work on your business?

No one will ever tell you that a direct sales business is easy if they’re telling you the truth. But much like any business, the more work you put into it, the higher the payout. You don’t have to be a social butterfly to be be successful with a makeup business. That part is where my training comes in. All I require is that you have a goal for how much you’d like to make extra per month,  a little bit of organization helps, and a strong desire to not give up.

Do you have a computer and printer at home?

I know we all do so much from our phones these days. But if you have a PC at home and access to a printer, it makes your life so much easier and it saves you money on marketing tools (business cards, labels etc) Many reps do buy their own marketing tools (I did at first) but once your audience and customer database grows,  (and it will if I’m by your side) you will want to have more creative control. UPDATE: Now AVON offers all marketing tools for free. It comes with access to your estore website.

Have you ever wanted to create your own cosmetics line?

I know quite a few MUA’s who would love to create a cosmetics line. And I’m going to tell you what I tell them….You have to start somewhere when it comes to creating your own make up line. Many successful entrepreneurs say that in order to have success with any new business, you have to emerge yourself in it. That includes surrounding yourself around people who know the business you’re trying to get into.

Of course this is going to lead right into why I know you’re ready to become an AVON  Rep.


Bevoming an AVON REP is submerging yourself right into the middle of a steadily evolving make up and skincare business. You will learn the following things when you come on board:

1. How to use as social media to market yourself in a positive and beautiful way.

2. What beauty customers care about the most.

3. How to budget earnings with personal purchases.

4. How to turn No’s into Yes’s! (Even if you’re shy)

5. How to track what AVON customers are attracted to and what products they routinely buy the most.

6. How to manage an email database.

7. How to follow up with past customers and satisfy their needs.

8. How to find potential customers.

9. How to lead others to success.

And last but not least…

10. How to feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt!

All of these things I’ve listed… Are either learned on your own, with me, or through AVON training. There aren’t any other direct sales makeup and skincare companies who routinely offer training right from the convenience of your cell phone from your website back office.

Do you want to know more about the basic tips needed to make money selling makeup and skin care online? Comment below, and leave your blog website and email address so that I can review it and send you my suggestions!


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